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Technology at Bridgewater

Engineering Systems to Understand the World

Our philosophy is that the world can be understood. We strive to build a fundamental, cause-and-effect understanding in everything we do — be it how global economies and markets work or how people think and make decisions differently.

Technologists advance this mission, collaborating with our researchers and managers to conceive, design, engineer, and run platforms that enable systemization and scale in all our domains.

The Work We Do

There is so much more to understand — and we’re determined to get there. We engineer platforms that let us develop a fundamental cause-and-effect understanding, test it, and apply that understanding systematically. This requires unique approaches to data aggregation, ultra-fast execution of complex analytics, insightful visualizations, and innovative platforms to represent and manipulate logic.

As technologists, we make it all real. We are full-stack engineers, responsible from the problem-solving phase all the way to the shipping of solutions. Together with Bridgewater’s managers and investment professionals, we push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The "Dots" Project

Meet the technologists who are working with our founder and our CEO to engineer a systematic approach to management.

Bridgewater is even more a technology company than it is a hedge fund.
- Ray Dalio, Founder

Meet Our People

People are radically different. We believe in understanding what people are like to put them in roles where they can shine and rapidly grow.

We think very differently, but we’re united by a passion for elegant technology.

-Dan, On Collaborating With Gioel
Software Engineer
Product Manager

Our Community

We’re all about meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Since our passion for engineering extends beyond software, we get up to some pretty interesting things outside the office.

We’re one of the quirkier groups, with a diverse array of interests.

- Oliver Radwan, Product Manager
Intern Hackathon
Our interns join together for some friendly competition — and a lot of Red Bull.
$100 Raft Challenge
Every summer, we go down to the mighty Saugatuck for a day of sailing. Spoiler alert: There’s a lot of sinking.
Quadcopter Challenge
Could you build and program a drone from scratch in under 3 hours? Would beer help? Our TAs put themselves to the test.

How We Work Together

Our work requires a variety of disciplines. These are the different roles we think about when building our technology groups across the company.

How we work group


Design and engineer the software that runs our company. Implement full-stack solutions that advance our core goal of understanding how the world works.


Shape business needs and opportunities into technology products. Envision what the technology should be, construct the roadmap, and enable our users.


Design, build, and improve the platforms that are the bedrock of our software.


Design, engineer, and run our physical and virtual infrastructure. Be responsible for platforms that manage petabytes of data and run petaflops of operations.


Extract knowledge and insights from big data sets. Develop analytics to make meaning from our data.


Evaluate and assure the quality of our software and systems. Be responsible for ensuring what we ship is rock-solid.

Still a Student?

Learn more about our Technology Associate Program.


Coding Challenges

Solve them, and you could land a Software Engineering job.

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